The Work

Organizational development and change management

Audit, assessment and evaluation from survey development and focus group interviews through to final presentation of the findings to the board resulting in better organizational communication and improved workflow. 

Sport psychology

Yips, balks, mental blocks, coming back from injury, dealing with a career ending injury, exercise addiction, mental toughness, grit, peak performance, managing the discontentment between excellence and perfection, team communication/conflict resolution.

Team development

Development and implementation of trust building, productive conflict and Team Communication Fingerprint skills leading to improved output, higher performing teams and happier individuals.

Executive coaching

Meeting the client where they are, asking the difficult questions, engaging in problem solving or being a sounding board as needed and offering skills transfers when appropriate to reduce stress, improve health, recognize plateaus and create peak performance.

“Robyn guided me through my concerns and issues I was working with and supported me through decision making and options for different management techniques to use in the future. I have already found extremely useful and will, I am sure, continue to benefit from going forward. Robyn was non-judgmental and supportive, but also had an informal approach, which made the sessions seem relaxed as well as instructive.”

Dr Robyn Odegaard giving a TEDx talk

Public speaker coaching

Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver

  • TEDx talks
  • Professional presentations
  • Personal journey to professional success stories


  • Mastermind/Supervision groups
  • Facilitating brainstorming sessions
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development (to facilitate delegation)
  • Group training and breakout sessions (various subjects). 
  • Market research development
  • Conflict resolution/mediation 
  • Behavioral interviewing training
  • Executive job description development 
  • Onboarding of new hires
  • Health, wellness and fitness coaching

Industry Experience

International trade
Nonprofit sector

“I found the time helpful to get a different perspective on my management and leadership processes.  Robyn was excellent at pointing out aspects to think about and rationalise as well as providing suggestions to make small changes. I have had time to consider and also put into practice some changes which already resulted in reduced anxiety and stress. I have started to alter how I work and am not taking on so much emotional responsibility and can see that this will lead to me being a much more effective leader.”


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