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Why Clients Work with Me

In their words: They feel defeated, overwhelmed, scattered, stretch too thin, pulled in too many directions, disenchanted, disillusioned, beaten down, burned out, crushed, alone, stuck, sick of everything/everyone, confused, no one really knows me, lost, unhappy, don’t know who to trust

Their reasons: divorce, fraud in their business, board conflict, sudden wealth, successful exit, huge contract, IPO, funding windfall, death of a loved one, health crisis, etc

“I love that I can talk through sticky, messy things with you; be unsure, even lost and it doesn’t negatively affect my stock price.”

“You are a smoke jumper. You parachute in and help me fight life’s fires from the inside.”

Some professional copy that says the same thing:

Overwhelm and Lack of Focus: Many high achievers face the challenge of being pulled in too many directions, making it difficult to maintain focus on their goals and priorities. They can feel overworked, overwhelmed and underutilized.

Crisis Management and Life Transitions: High-powered individuals often encounter crises in their personal or business lives necessitating immediate support and effective decision-making. E.G. A client once called because his father had gone on life support and he was the executor. His exact words were, “Help me decide if I’m going to kill my father.”

Chaos and Uncertainty: Life and business can be unpredictable, leading to anxiety and confusing making it impossible to navigate through challenges effectively.

Time Constraints and Productivity: Busy executives and founders often struggle with time management, feeling like they don’t have enough time to accomplish all their tasks and goals, affecting their productivity.

Personal and Professional Balancing Act: Successful individuals often grapple with balancing their personal lives and professional responsibilities, leading to stress and burnout.

Psychological Barriers and Limiting Beliefs: Despite knowing what they should be doing, some high achievers realized they just aren’t doing it and they aren’t sure what is preventing them from taking action and achieving their full potential.

Peak Performance and Mental Toughness: Peak performance relies on the ability to keep going in the face of sure-defeat and being able to pick yourself up when you trip. Call it resilience, grit, tenacity many top leaders seek support in achieving peak performance levels and developing mental toughness to overcome challenges and reach their goals.

Effective Team Development: Founders and leaders require assistance in building high-performing teams, enhancing trust, improving communication and resolving conflicts to improve overall team output and individual satisfaction.

By leveraging my expertise and the Five-Point Paradigm, we can empower you to overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and lead a more fulfilling, happier life both personally and professionally.
Book a friendly, 25-minute hello call directly with me:

Who hires me

(hard driving, successful people like you):

High-impact Executives leading companies and facing the unique challenges that come with lonely, top-level leadership roles.

Visionary Founders of startups and established businesses navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship and achieving sustainable growth.

Celebrities managing the pressures of money, fame and maintaining personal well-being.

Elite Athletes looking to overcome mental blocks, maximizing performance, manage the mental aspects of injury recovery, and deal with instant fame and fortune.

The process to work with me:

Start here: 25-minute hello conversation. Let’s see if we connect on the most basic level.

If we click, the next step: A 2-hour, pay-what-it’s-worth Powerful Conversation. Let’s dig in and do the work. Sort through the chaos and see where things stand. This isn’t a “get to know you call.” This is a “figure it out and solve stuff” call. At the end, we will know what it’s like to work together. You decide what it was worth to you and tell me what number to put on the invoice.

Make me part of your team:
Option one: Rapid-response, high-performance strategic partner: Four hours of scheduled time a month. It’s your time you decide how we break it down and what we do with it. We can meet one:one. I can sit in on your board meetings and observe the interplay there. Need a facilitator for a tough conversation with your wife and teenage daughter? Yep, I’m there for that. Need an outsider to look at your marketing plan with a fresh eye – no problem. Want me to read your divorce agreement and talk through it with you – okay.

You will have an individual ringtone in my phone (yes you can choose it as long as it’s not vulgar). I will know from across the room that it’s you anytime you text or call and you will get rapid response support. If I’m awake I will get back to you at my next available moment. I will check in, ask questions and support you psychologically, mentally and emotionally. You have complete confidentiality; no topic is off limits and there is no such thing as TMI.

Paid month to month with no contract.

Option two: Six-month essential coaching: 90-minute one:one coaching calls (zoom or phone) every three weeks with email access in between. I will bring my A-game to every call and support you to the utmost of my ability. As with the on-demand coaching, there is complete confidentiality, no such thing as TMI and no topic is off limits.

Paid in full at the start. Payment plans by discussion.

Industry Experience

International trade
Nonprofit sector

As a professional coach myself and working full time in the coaching environment, finding a coach for myself was a huge challenge. I was very clear that I needed someone to challenge me and not skirt around some of the issues that I wanted to discuss. Dr Robyn absolutely nailed my coaching programme, making me realised things that I had no idea about and allowing me to take my life in a completely different direction. She creates an amazing development space which is, in the same moment, both hugely challenging and very safe.

Thank you Robyn.

“Robyn guided me through my concerns and issues I was working with and supported me through decision making and options for different management techniques to use in the future. I have already found extremely useful and will, I am sure, continue to benefit from going forward. Robyn was non-judgmental and supportive, but also had an informal approach, which made the sessions seem relaxed as well as instructive.”

“I found the time helpful to get a different perspective on my management and leadership processes.  Robyn was excellent at pointing out aspects to think about and rationalise as well as providing suggestions to make small changes. I have had time to consider and also put into practice some changes which already resulted in reduced anxiety and stress. I have started to alter how I work and am not taking on so much emotional responsibility and can see that this will lead to me being a much more effective leader.”


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