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How I became “Mental MacGyver”

I was finishing up a call with someone who had a very successful exit from a marketing and public relations business. In thanking me for the work we had just done together he said, “All you need is a button, some bubble gum and a piece of string to make stuff work.”

I laughed and said, “I’m like a Mental MacGyver!”

He got dead serious and said, “That is exactly what you do. Get that URL and start using it.”

I laughed it off, “Yeah. Okay.”

He said, “No. I’m serious. I have been doing this a long time and that is phenomenal branding for you.”

When someone gives you expert advice, take it. And so, Mental MacGyver was born.

A Bit of My Story

It is often easier to reach out to someone when you know a little bit about them first. Here are a few “fun facts” about me that have very little to do with the work I do but are part of who I am as a human being. 

  • I grew up on a small farm, the oldest child of a large, Calvinist family. We were poor but not destitute. That gave me a “if it’s already broken you can’t make it worse, figure it out and fix it” mentality
  • My dad taught at the high school I attended. Yes, that was as awkward and geek-making as you can imagine.
  • As a teenager I believed the biggest threat facing my generation was the pressure to be mediocre because you can’t fail if you don’t try. Sadly, many people still follow that idea today.
  • I graduated valedictorian from high school but went to work instead of going to college. (Long story best told over drinks.)
  • The best advice I’ve ever received: “Robyn, you are resilient. Stop making decisions that make you prove it.”
  • I started college at 32 and got my undergrad, masters and doctorate in 6.5 years
  • Author Fred Dawson featured me in his second book –  Pearls: Women who radiate success
  • I enjoy learning about astrophysics, quantum physics and metaphysics for fun
  • Pre-pandemic I enjoyed being Happy2Listen. I am hopeful I will be able to do it again soon.
  • I have an amazing husband, Russ
  • We are plant-based
  • Training our dog Nebby brings me joy (see the video below)
  • For exercise I lift weights three days a week and do cardio at least two. Weather permitting, I have a goal to ride my bike 100 miles every seven rolling days.
  • Managing the discontentment between great and perfection is where happiness hides
  • I love the work I get to do and I would be thrilled to have a conversation with you about it


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