My Five-point Paradigm to Creating Success Out of Chaos

1) What do you want to be different?

  • A more powerful question than what is your dream/vision/goal

2) Find Your Strategy

  • Problem deconstruction
    • Back casting – start at the positive end (success)
    • Pre-mortem – start at the negative end (it didn’t work)

3) Create the Tactical Structure

  • Resources
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Processes

4) Psychological barriers – you know what to do but you aren’t doing it

  • It’s not your fault but it is your problem
  • The cause is in the past
  • The solution is in the present
  • The motivation is in the future
  • The easiest thing to do is let the present be a continuation of the past and that leaves no hope for the future.

5) People, places, things and habits that either help or hurt your success

  • Relationships – family/friends/colleagues
  • Spiritual/beliefs
  • Physical health
  • Financial
  • Social

Dr Robyn on the “Office Flip Flops” podcast.

In a world where chaos often prevails,
A beacon shines, her guidance hails.

Dr. Robyn Odegaard, a name renowned,
A purposeful soul, in wisdom, she’s crowned.

A coach, a leader, a speaker so bold, Transforming lives, countless stories unfold.

Empowering minds, unlocking potential, Her touch in lives, so deeply influential.

With words of wisdom, she paves the way, An advocate of change, in bright light of day.

Championing growth, both personal and professional,
Dr. Robyn’s impact, simply exceptional.

In the sea of challenges, where many are adrift,
She’s the lighthouse, offering an uplifting lift.

Guiding those lost, to find their own shore,
Dr. Robyn Odegaard, forever we’ll adore.

An author, an entrepreneur, a force to be reckoned,
A symbol of achievement, in her footsteps we beckon.

A life of service, of compassion, and care, Dr. Robyn Odegaard, a treasure so rare.

– From a CEO client using GPT4


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