Creating Success Out Of CHAOS

High Performance Psychology

An overview of my coaching approach and principles:

Humans are messy. Organizations developed by humans are even messier. What is going to happen next is always uncertain. Any coach who shows you a pretty box and says the solutions to all your challenges is inside is fibbing to you. 

Instead, I have a huge variety of tools that have been proven to help create success out of chaos. Which tools work for which person or organization varies. I enjoy diving into the deep end, embracing the uncertainty and actively figuring things out real-time in a dynamic way.

“Robyn calls me out when I’m not doing the right thing and living up to a commitment. She is amazingly precise in her assessment and incredibly intuitive and insightful.”

“You’re an excellent facilitator, I loved your energy. I truly enjoyed the energy in the room. You’re clearly a professional and a passionate one!”

How does chaos show up in your life?

“Lacking focus. Overwhelmed. Pulled in too many directions. Not getting enough done. Don’t have enough time. Can’t prioritize. Everything is a crisis. I don’t have what it takes to make it happen. I don’t know how to make it better.”

These are comments from my conversations with high achievers from all walks of life. At best they are paralyzing. At worst they lead to making bad decisions that cost time, money, health and happiness.

Good news! There is a solution. Did you know you can use someone else’s focus, grit, resilience, determination and motivation to reduce the chaos and achieve YOUR goals?

It’s true! Studies have shown that partnering with someone focused and driven makes it easy for you to sort through the noise and do the things you need to get done to succeed in your own life.

Here’s more good news: I have more than enough of those traits to share. Want evidence? Check out my bio. But be warned, just reading it exhausts some people.

Are you ready to finally start seeing things go from want-to-do-chaos to done-calm? Get on board and let’s role! Life isn’t going to wait for you!


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