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Dr Robyn Odegaard

Creating Success Out Of CHAOS

You are on a journey of complex, competing priorities.

Without getting into an overwhelming list of “here’s how I help”, here are some key benefits you will achieve working with me:
  • Enhanced emotional resilience, grit and wellbeing – happier and less stressed
  • Increased self-awareness – conscious knowing
  • Improved communication and conflict resolution
  • Upgraded relationship management skills
  • Adaptability and innovation through change
  • Critical thinking under stress

Let’s be clear – I’m not just another coach or therapist.

I offer a unique fusion of business psychology and high-performance expertise. I am your strategic partner, armed with an exceptional set of proven tools, 15-years of experience working with high-profile clientele and am committed to being your unwavering ally through both your professional and personal challenges.

You need someone with a sharp mind who won’t just ask “how do you feel about that?” Someone who can dish real advice and call it like it is. This isn’t just about business – your personal life is a jigsaw puzzle too. You need a straight shooter, someone to toss around ideas with, and help you find smart solutions.

When you win, I will be the loudest cheer. When things go sideways, I will be in the trenches with you figuring it out. And seriously, nothing’s TMI, no topic is off limits. Life’s a sprint with hundreds of moving parts, you need someone who can keep up while supporting you.

Want to learn more about who my clients are and the work I do? Visit “The Work” page here:https://drrobynodegaard.com/the-work/

Or even better, book a friendly, 25-minute hello conversation. Maybe my prowess is exactly what you are looking for.

Dr. Robyn engages every day with a collage of personalities from all walks of life with tenacity, honesty and flexibility. Just watch any of her Quick Hits! She excels in a field that is by all measures an art, but one that applies technology and established processes to source, evaluate and deliver results tailored for her clients. Dr. Robyn is a thought leader offering the highest qualities of leadership along with empathetic consultation. I will attest that Robyn is a wonderful partner, coach, trainer and scholar. She can evaluate complex issues from a variety of perspectives, and then clearly define options. Dr. Robyn listens, she learns, and then applies those lessons to cultivate success. She has a joie de vivre and is truly a pleasure. I give Dr. Robyn my highest unqualified endorsement.

How does chaos show up in your life?

“Lacking focus. Overwhelmed. Pulled in too many directions. Not getting enough done. Don’t have enough time. Can’t prioritize. Everything is a crisis. I don’t have what it takes to make it happen. I don’t know how to make it better.”

These are comments from my conversations with high achievers from all walks of life. At best they are paralyzing. At worst they lead to making bad decisions that cost time, money, health and happiness.

Good news! There is a solution. Did you know you can use someone else’s focus, grit, resilience, determination and motivation to reduce the chaos and achieve YOUR goals?

It’s true! Studies have shown that partnering with someone focused and driven makes it easy for you to sort through the noise and do the things you need to get done to succeed in your own life.

Here’s more good news: I have more than enough of those traits to share. Want evidence? Check out my bio. But be warned, just reading it exhausts some people.

Are you ready to finally start seeing things go from want-to-do-chaos to done-calm? Get on board and let’s role! Life isn’t going to wait for you!

“Robyn calls me out when I’m not doing the right thing and living up to a commitment. She is amazingly precise in her assessment and incredibly intuitive and insightful.”


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