Who is Dr Robyn?

Hi! I’m Dr Robyn, former competitive volleyball player turned psychologist with continuing education in nutrition who has worked as a professional confidant for more than ten years. My job is to create success out of chaos.

How Do I Do That?

Like Maggie Stiff’s character, Wendy Rhoades, in the Showtime series “Billions.” I’m better at keeping confidences and giving feedback than your best friend, without expecting reciprocation. Use my brain as your consigliere, advisor, and sounding board.

I am currently accepting personal clients for brainstorming, product creation, project completion, and various other forms of high performance support, including TEDx speaker coaching. If you would like to see if we are a good fit to create amazing success together, email me at DocRobyn@ChampPerformance.com

Current Public Projects

I have two exciting projects right now.

One: I am facilitating a peer/mastermind group designed for former competitive athletes who want to take their business/career success to the next level. Email me for details and to apply to become a member.

Two: Helping people improve their health in the next five years using food, fasting, fitness and psychology through the Whole Food Muscle Club. For details visit: www.WholeFoodMuscle.com