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Doc Robyn helped me prepare for my TEDxWilmington talk on the topic of the "Series LLC". She quickly understood a complex topic and helped me articulate the topic in a manner that was engaging and accessible to a general audience. She was supportive and suggestive, not directive or overbearing. Her coaching and video review helped improve my presentation style and confidence significantly. Even a month before the talk, I felt I was fully prepared to present the talk in my sleep and live on any stage. I'd highly recommend her to anyone interested in giving a TEDx talk. Her time was worth every penny. The meetings with her felt like meeting with an old friend. She was very professional and supportive start to finish.

John Legare Williams, Esq, Partner, The Williams Law Firm, P.A.

I had worked with a ‘professional coach’ some years ago who was largely ineffective, so I may have had a smidgeon of skepticism in engaging with Doc Robyn, but any doubts were quickly swept aside though during our first discussion. Professional and/or personal growth often requires a fair amount of self-assessment, and Doc Robyn is masterful at driving that process. She asks the right questions at the right time, in a direct, even bold manner, and yet manages to do so in a way that encourages you to answer in kind. She is direct, she challenges your assumptions, biases, your preconceived notions of others and (more importantly) of yourself.

I highly recommend working with Doc Robyn for anyone looking to improve their professional performance.

Lee Archer, Implementation Design Consultant, Workfront

"I hired Doc Robyn to help me design and prepare for my upcoming TEDx Wilmington talk. I was struck by her confident and friendly nature. Over coffee we talked about my journey to being the owner of ten Brew HaHa! Cafes and a roasting company. From those conversations she was able to pull out important information and funny stories to create my talk, Was There Life Before Coffee? Together we worked on the slides, the performance, the timing and the delivery of the talk. Doc Robyn’s ability to coach me on the nuances of public speaking without ever making me feel dumb or like she was talking down to me was amazing. I am thrilled with how my talk turned out and would absolutely recommend Doc Robyn. She is a great person and an incredible coach!"(Watch Alisa's TEDx talk "Was There Life Before Coffee?")

Alisa Morkides  Owner –  Brew Ha Ha! and Brandywine Coffee Roasters

Doc Robyn is brilliant. Articulate and insightful, Doc Robyn is one of those people you can count upon for meaningful feedback. I've had many in-discussions with her on an incredibly wide variety of topics - she is conversant on everything. She's also been a trusted confidant and advisor many times. Last fall, I had the opportunity to hear one of her TEDx talks and can say with great confidence that she not only represents herself well but can teach others. A lifelong athlete, Doc Robyn brings that same confidence, determination and goal setting approach to everything she does.

Banan Cooper, Chief Risk Officer, Venminder Inc

"I was skeptical going into our meeting. I have worked with a few coaches and met several; they are ALL exactly the same.....break you down, put you in a box then feed you the same "packages" they offer everybody.

Working with Doc Robyn was different. She tailored her approach to me and what I needed.

She took my skill set, quantified it and encouraged me to embrace it. I used our work together to nail my next meeting with a 9 figure company!

It's empowering to work with someone who gave me a truly custom solution. Don't wait until a situation becomes a crisis. Hire a Doc Robyn to reach that next level, she delivers and she cares!!"

Konni Harrison – President and Founder KMH Unlimited LLC

"Doc Robyn is one of the most gifted and powerful speakers I have had the privilege to listen to in quite some time. In the past 25 years, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to many different public speakers and I can honestly say, it’s been a long time since I’ve been so impressed by someone. Doc Robyn has mastered the art of weaving personal stories and experiences along with research studies and factual data in such a way that her presentations are undeniably powerful! I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to hear her speak on a few occasions. More specifically, I am so thrilled that she agreed to be one of our workshop presenters at this year’s 25th Annual Entrepreneurial & Business Women’s Expo. Since this was the Silver Anniversary of the Expo, our planning committee was dedicated to ensuring that this was the best year yet and that our workshop presenters were outstanding! Doc Robyn truly brought her “A-Game” and inspired a lot of people! It’s clear that she cares deeply about her subject matter and that she puts a tremendous amount of effort into to her presentations."

Robin Willis McCormick - Director of Business Development Unique Impressions

"You are truly an inspiration! Thank you very much for so generously sharing your time, wisdom and personal journey with the participants at BioNJ's Inaugural 2015 Inspiring Women in STEM Conference. We have been overwhelmed by positive feedback on the high quality of your presentation. We could not wait to personally thank you, and let you know what a tremendous impact your presentation had on the audience.

Thank you for encouraging, supporting and inspiring women in STEM!"

Vicki Gaddy, SPHR - Talent Acquisition Advisor

"Doc Robyn’s presentation on Success vs. Likability is, in two words, absolutely fantastic! Better than any TED talk I’ve seen! I absolutely love how genuine she is. She obviously got choked up by the last question, and her true, humble self showed through. It’s people like her who make all the difference in this world, which is why I have no reservations about helping her in any way possible to get her message out. She can truly say “I am awesome—that’s how I roll!!” It is 100% true. Thanks for sharing your expertise and knowledge with the world Doc Robyn. We all need what you have to offer!!"

David A. Wilderman - Owner Wilderman Physical Therapy, LLC

"Doc Robyn is the real deal. She lives her life according to the ideals that she teaches. If you are striving for success in your own life, I highly recommend her books, classes, and one on one coaching."

Trish Bachman - Grant Consultant The Write Stuff Delaware LLC

"I had the pleasure of being in the audience recently when Doc Robyn spoke at the Inspiring Women in STEM forum. She was absolutely outstanding! She brought the abstract (and potentially boring) concept of conflict resolution to life with motivational, funny and moving stories and antidotes while providing tips and ideas that I knew I'd be able to implement right away. If you want a speaker or trainer who will have your group furiously taking notes and nodding their heads, I highly recommend you hire Doc Robyn."

Fred Dawson -  Wealth Manager, Executive Vice President Bassett, Dawson & Foy, Inc.

"Doc Robyn presented an excellent program on Productive Conflict Resolution at our most recent Inspiring Women in STEM Forum. Our audience of 100 women scientists, engineers and students was enthusiastic in their praise for her practical advice on workplace dynamics and effective team communications. Doc Robyn kept them engaged with an interesting mix of theory, personal stories and useful tools."

Jennifer Kmiec -  Founder Inspiring Women in STEM

"Invest your time and bring your executive game to a whole new level! Good media trainers are a rare breed -- Doc Robyn is the real deal. She'll teach you how to move, speak, and look like the inspirational leader that you've always wanted to become."

James H. Lee, Founder – Strategic Foresight Investments (StratFI)

“Doc Robyn is not someone who just takes the bull by the horns but more like someone who can teach the bull to rollover, fetch and leap through a ring of fire. She is very passionate about her mission and committed to her objectives. She comes not only highly recommended by many but highly prepared to produce awesome results.”

Timothy Yeomans,  Owner – Breakthrough Coaching

"I was thrilled when Doc Robyn joined the DSCC and didn’t hesitate to get involved. With her vast knowledge of what it takes to succeed in business and her ability to present that information in an easy to understand and apply manner it was a no-brainer to work with her to create an event for our members. The event was a great success. I have heard nothing but praise for Doc Robyn’s professionalism and skill from everyone in attendance. I am looking forward to continuing to personally learn from her and to continuing to share her expertise with our members. If you have an opportunity to work with her, do it! I promise you will benefit more than you can imagine."

Ken Evans, Account Executive – Delaware State Chamber of Commerce

I had the opportunity to serve as a panelist at one of Doc Robyn's "Invest in You Friday" seminars. Doc Robyn is by far the most organized, dynamic moderator I've ever worked with. Thanks to all her preparation and public-speaking savvy, she made sure the seminar offered lots of great takeaway information and flowed seamlessly. She also relates incredibly well to her audience. It's obvious why people embrace her and want to work with her.

Brooke (Grubb) Miles, President –  Delaware ShoutOut

I was invited to participate in a panel discussion facilitated by Doc Robyn. I've sat on a number of panel discussions before but this one was far superior than any of the others. I attribute that to Doc Robyn's preparation and work with each panelist in advance, as well as her facilitation skills during the program. Doc Robyn has a unique way of engaging the audience and giving them permission to participate in the discussion. I strongly recommend Robyn as a facilitator! And she's a terrific speaker too!!

Caren McCabe, Founder –  McCabe Training and Consulting

"Doc Robyn delighted a roomful of accountants with her right-brained approach to our predetermined topic "How to Present Financial Information." By speaking about both individual and organizational communication and involving the seminar participants, Robyn made the room come alive with stories, questions, and insights. Thank you for presenting for the New Jersey Society of CPAs!"

Jaime Campbell, CPA, MBA, CTT, MCT

I want to thank Doc Robyn for choosing IM Gallery for her book signing and hosting a discussion about team behavior. The participants were actively engaged in this important and exciting topic, and benefited from the material Doc Robyn presented. The information is valuable to everyone."

Marc Liebeskind, Manager, IM Gallery

Robyn Odegaard provided critical assistance during the early stage of our development. As a virtual organization, we were having significant difficulties with group cohesion. Dr. Odegaard worked with me to create some simple, but very effective strategies to improve our effectiveness while working virtually. Without Dr. Odegaard's keen insights and highly practical suggestions, I am certain our company would not have gotten off to a great start. I would recommend her to any organization, large or small, that is interested in creating an environment that leads to maximum performance from the management team.

Bill, CEO - Pharmaceutical industry

I have had the pleasure of working with Robyn as my professional development coach for the past year. I have learned skills which have led to better communication with my staff and a significantly better leadership relationship with my team. Additionally, I attribute the great fit of our assistant coaches to the questions and insight Robyn brought to the interview process and the time she spent on-boarding them into our culture. I can't say enough about what she has done for me and my team.

Liz, D-1 Head Coach

Robyn developed and delivered management training for all of our leaders from the manager to the director level. The sessions were engaging and the content was excellent!

Steve - CEO - Not for profit

Robyn's involvement has made quite an impact on how our team communicates. Their work with her in developing skills and techniques in conflict resolution has certainly paid dividends."

D-1 Coach

Robyn and I have worked on a number of consulting projects together from organizational assessments to employee attitude surveys to developing and conducting training. She is the consummate professional. On our last project, Robyn developed and led communication training for multiple levels of management. She engaged the audience, and more importantly, we later observed their behaviors had changed. Robyn is a talented consultant and has a true passion for training!

Monica - Senior Organizational Consultant

Robyn's techniques and communication styles gave our team a much better understanding of each other, not just as players, but as people.

Carlie - D-1 athlete

"Robyn helped me better my communication skills on the field with my teammates and coaches as well as off the field with my parents and significant other. Robyn's Framework of Communication is awesome!" Bridgette - D-1 athlete "Robyn was the light in our dark place! Down to earth and easy to talk to and connect with, she helped our team understand each other and communicate better, and ultimately be more successful."

D-1 athlete

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