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"I've only contracted professional services once and it was with Doc Robyn. I grew exponentially. The investment of the time and money were worth more to me than my degrees."
Saad Soliman, Executive Director, Peers Mentoring Center

If you find yourself saying, "If I want it done right I HAVE to do it myself" while working crazy hours, ignoring your health and never seeing your family, you NEED a high performance executive coach.

The Overwhelmed Overachiever simply cannot fathom that someone else could do any of the things on their plate because you don’t have time to train someone. It can be done. You simply need the right support!

A coach should never build a box, label it success and stick you in it. It is my job to understand you as an individual and give you the tools you need to build a door in the box you’re in (what's holding you back) so you can go find the success you deserve. That means I am available to talk through business decisions, create process and procedures for tasks that need to be delegated, help to identify tasks that should be delegated (No, you are not the only person that can do it right. We CAN train someone else). Find, interview and recommend talent, create job descriptions and a whole host of other things that will help free up your most valuable asset – your time.

Call or email me today to discuss project and retainer rates. I look forward to working with you!

Why I do this work

As a competitive beach volleyball player in the 90s, I noticed that some athletes were consistently high-performers, others would vacillate between high-performance and struggling, and still others couldn’t achieve any level of success during a competition. Talent wasn’t the deciding factor. What allowed some people to continuously achieve their goals while other seemed to always fall short?

At 32, I went college for the first time and I knew I wanted to study human achievement. What makes us succeed or fail? Is it all just luck or are there things we can control?

I received my undergrad, masters, and doctorate in 6.5 years. I studied Motivational Interviewing (how to help people reach their goals by asking the right questions), Organizational/Business Psychology and took concentration in sport and performance Psychology (who better to shed light on high achievement?).

As I was finishing my internship hours I started my business, Champion Performance Development, with the intention of using my vast toolbox of high performance skills to help those driven to achieve success reach their goals.

As a high-performance executive coach and public speaking coach my clients typically fit in two groups:

First - the overwhelmed overachiever executive. He/She is usually late 40s or 50s. Owns a successful business or is a high-level leader in a corporation. He/She wants more (success/clients/time/etc.) but feels "tapped" out personally.

This group is also the most likely to request my services to help them with their TEDx talk or keynote speeches.

Second - usually 30s to early 40s. New entrepreneur, salesperson or middle management. These clients usually come to me for coaching on a specific issue or for help with their 30 second commercial/telling their story well.

Do you feel drained and “tapped” out, like there is too much to do and not enough getting done? Need to create processes to help with your everyday business tasks that are becoming time sinks? I can help. Reach out and let’s have a conversation.

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