How many people will be attending Doc Robyn’s Speaker Bootcamp Series?

Only 12 applicants are accepted so that all attendees are personally empowered to develop a TED-worthy talk and become better at public speaking.

Why are there only 12 applicants accepted?

Doc Robyn is committed to the individual success of each of her clients. Keeping the number of attendees small allows her to get to know each person and their TEDx talk personally -- which means better results for you.

Why are Saturday sessions optional?

Doc Robyn has found that building in time for questions, feedback and practicing talks live is an important piece to giving a great TEDx talk. The unstructured nature leads to great conversations, particularly during the development and delivery stages of the process. There is no pressure for you to attend the optional sessions.

What software platform is used for Doc Robyn's TEDx Speaker Bootcamp Series?

The Bootcamp is run on GoToMeeting software. You will be sent an email with a link prior to the start of the series. If you do not have GoToMeeting on your computer you will be prompted to download it. The whole process takes less than three minutes. It is recommended that you test it prior to the first session. You can reply to the email with the link to let Doc Robyn's team know if you have a problem and they will help you troubleshoot.

Does attending Doc Robyn’s TEDx Speaker Bootcamp Series guarantee I will get to give a TEDx talk?

TEDx event organizers have different application processes depending on the event. Only they and their teams can grant access to a TEDx stage. That said, Doc Robyn has heard from TEDx organizers that having a speaker coach demonstrates the applicant’s commitment and is viewed favorably during the TEDx application process.

What if I don’t want to submit videos?

Sharing and watching video of ourselves is always tough. Doc Robyn believes doing so is critical to your success. But, if you don't want to submit videos for Doc Robyn and the rest of the attendees to review and give you feedback, you are not required to do so. Be aware you will be missing out on a big benefit of the TEDx Speaker Bootcamp.

Do I have to participate in the Bootcamp Facebook group?

No, you don’t have to anything. The group is designed to support your success by giving you access to the other attendees for questions and feedback and for you to post your progress videos so Doc Robyn can provide feedback. She recommends taking advantage of it.

What if I can’t make it to one of the webinars in Doc Robyn’s TEDx Speaker Bootcamp Series?

The assumption is that everyone attending Doc Robyn’s TEDx Speaker Bootcamp Series is serious about giving the best TEDx talk they can, and Doc Robyn strongly encourages all attendees to make room in their schedules to attend all of the bootcamp sessions. Not doing so not only means you are missing important material, practice time and feedback from Doc Robyn; it also means you are taking away the feedback you can give other attendees on their talks. Doc Robyn does understand that sometimes life is unpredictable. If you absolutely must miss a session or part of a session, she recommends you ask one of the other attendees (before you’re going to be out) if they would be willing to share their notes and that you plan on attending the next optional Saturday webinar to address any follow up questions you may have. You may also use the Facebook group to ask other attendees questions. If Doc Robyn gives an assignment to be completed between sessions, she will email it to you.

Will Doc Robyn write my talk for me?

Doc Robyn is happy to write your TEDx talk for you. Doing so requires one on one coaching. Contact Doc Robyn directly to discuss your needs.

Can I get help/feedback from Doc Robyn between Bootcamp sessions?

There are three optional Saturday sessions where you may bring any questions or issue you have and practice your talk in front of the group. Additionally, Doc Robyn offers private, à la carte, one on one coaching between sessions. Contact her directly to discuss your needs.

Will Doc Robyn help me apply to give my TEDx talk?

You are welcome to ask your application questions during an optional Saturday session. If you require additional assistance, private, à la carte, one on one coaching is available. Contact Doc Robyn directly to discuss.

Does Doc Robyn guarantee that I’ll be ready to give my TEDx talk at the end of the TEDx Bootcamp Series?

If you show up, do the work, accept feedback, focus and practice what will feel like a crazy amount -- and then practice some more, yes, you’ll be ready. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t be ready. A speaker can only be led to the microphone; they cannot be forced to give a good TEDx talk.

The TEDx Bootcamp Series dates are not convenient for my schedule.  Is there any other option?

Doc Robyn offers an 8-week intensive one on one private coaching option. Contact her directly to discuss if this option is right for you.

May I see examples of people Doc Robyn has coached?

Allington (Gumption) Creque – 9 No's and 1 Yes: How Not Quitting My Dreams Changed My Life This talk was picked up for a world tour sponsored by Sir Richard Branson.

Alisa Morkides – Was There Life Before Coffee?

Dr. Janice Nevin – Better Health, Lower Cost - Absolutely!

David Tuttleman – Coincidence, Charisma, and Cannabis

Listen to Doc Robyn on a podcast with Nathen Eckle discuss the benefits of doing a TEDx talk and how to discover, design and deliver your idea worth spreading.

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