Do You Need to Have a Heart Attack?

I went to what is billed as the largest Corvette event in the country. There were rows upon rows of Corvettes (4000 by one count). Every make, model, and color you can imagine.  Stock ‘Vettes and those that had been customized to the point that I wondered how far you could stretch the meaning of the word. For all the variety in the cars there was even more among the people who owned and loved them.

I spent some time talking to the owner of a beautiful (’76?) Stingray. The paint was in incredible shape and the wheels looked like they had never been touched by brake dust. I half jokingly asked him, “Do you ever drive this thing or do you just trailer it from show to show?” His answer was anything but a joke:

“I used to trailer it because I was worried about rock dings in the paint, rust on the undercarriage and mileage on the odometer. Then I woke up in the hospital with a doctor telling me I had had a heart attack and wasn’t out of the woods. My first thought was about never seeing my granddaughter again. As I laid there drifting in and out of consciousness I realized what regret really is. One of the promises I made in that hospital was if I lived I was going to enjoy my car. Now I do. I drive her almost every day and I love every minute of it.” (Paraphrased)

This leads me to offer you these questions:

  • What is the Corvette in your life?
  • Are you driving it or keeping it in pristine condition for the guy who buys it when you die?
  • Are you sharing it with others and making their life better?
  • Do you need to have a heart attack to really start living?
  • What if you don’t live through your wakeup call?

With the holiday season upon us, let us remember not to hide our talents, to enjoy our blessings and be gracious to all. Who knew that going to a car show could remind me about the most important thing in life – living! 


As always, I wish you the MOST from your potential!

Doc Robyn

PS - If you are interested in recognizing your talent, stepping into your potential and taking responsibility for your success, I'd be happy to have a conversation with you about how I can support you.

Dr. Robyn Odegaard (aka “Doc Robyn”) is internationally known motivational speaker, executive coach and corporate trainer. As CEO of Champion Performance Development, she works with executives, professionals, athletes, and coaches to help them achieve excellence by sharing active leadership, powerful teamwork, conscious communication, Productive Conflict™ and professional disagreement skills. She is the founder of the Stop The Drama! Campaign and author of the books Stop The Drama! The Ultimate Guide to Female Teams and The Ultimate Guide to Handling Every Disagreement Every Time. To work with her one-on-one, have her present to your team, request a custom workshop or invite her to speak at your event, please call 302-307-3091 or email her at

Is this still a vette?

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