What is Your Story?

I have had similar conversations with several people lately. People talking about feeling underwhelmed with life. Feeling that there should be more. That they should be more. More fulfilled… More accomplished… Happier… Just more.

And conversations on the other side of the coin; feelings of overwhelm. Too much… Too many ideas… Too little time... Stuck… Drowning in a sea of have to do’s and never getting to do the want to do’s.

Some people call it a midlife crisis; regardless of when in life it happens. But I think the reality is deeper. We all have a story. The way we came to be where and who we are. Expectations and decisions made by us or for us. Too much control or too little. Twists and turns that have lead to the moment in time we share as “now”.

Too many people I meet have never told their story. Some because they don’t believe it’s important or special. Some because they fear judgment, shame, ridicule or abandonment. Some because they believe no one will listen.

Every person I have ever talked to, no matter how briefly has had a story. Some have shared deep secrets, adding on the end “this is confidential right?” Others only shared a small snippet in time. But all have been important.

You are who you are, do what you do and are destined to become who you become because of your story. The part of it that is past and the part of it you are currently writing. Sharing it publicly comes with both risks and rewards. I choose to share mine so others can benefit from it. You may choose to write yours in a journal for your eyes only. Either way, I encourage you to think about it. What are the experiences and the gained knowledge that have brought you to this place? Understanding your story is the pathway to addressing both overwhelm and underwhelm. From that foundation comes focus.

And so I ask, what’s your story?

As always, I wish you the MOST from your potential!

Doc Robyn


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