Failing to Decide is Deciding to Fail

I have known too many people who wish away their lives. Wishing for 5:00. Wishing for the weekend. Wishing for a better job. Wishing for retirement. Just wishing – not really living. There are lots of sayings in our culture for it:

  • Even if you’re on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there
  • Letting life live you rather than living life
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Life – what happens while you’re making plans
  • Not knowing where to start

Fortunately there are some concrete things we can look at, adjust and get over so we can move forward.

Realize you’re doing it and decide to change. I know someone who considers his 9-5 job a jail sentence. He is about 7 years from retirement and just plans on waiting it out and being miserable. I have never seen someone plod so knowingly and unhappily towards his grave with a complete unwillingness to do anything about it. Please don't let this be you.

Figure out what’s stopping you. My first guess would be fear. But the question you need to ask yourself is fear of what? Are you stuck in a case of assuming the hell you know is better than the hell you don’t? If you don’t know why you can’t fix it. Talk it out with your coach or mentor.

It’s not about money. We like to tell ourselves that. “I can’t afford it.” The truth is we afford what we decide is important. Decide you are important.

Not making a decision is deciding to let life pass you by. Time will pass. You will get older. It doesn’t matter if you do nothing, something or a lot of somethings.

Give yourself permission to change your mind. Yes, you might make a decision and it might be wrong. No worries. It’s your life. You learn, make a different choice and move forward. Very few choices in life are permanent.

Start anywhere. There is no wrong or right place to start. If you really are so overwhelmed with ideas, hire a coach. It will be money WELL spent to help you get unstuck.

Do little things that make you happy. I’m not saying you should quit your job and be a beach bum (although after this winter that is sounding pretty good to me). I am saying that always putting your vacation or dreams off until a “better” time is a bad idea.

Decide to make a change today. If not you’ll look up, be 10 years older and still on the same plodding path, only more discouraged and disheartened. Don’t let that happen to you.

If you read my blog regularly you’ve heard me say this before – There is no such thing as not enough time. It is all about priorities. Are you prioritizing your dreams or plodding toward your grave? If the latter - why?

As always I wish you the MOST from you potential.

Doc Robyn

Dr. Robyn Odegaard (aka “Doc Robyn”) is internationally known motivational speaker, executive coach and corporate trainer. As CEO of Champion Performance Development, she works with executives, professionals, athletes, and coaches to help them achieve excellence by sharing active leadership, powerful teamwork, conscious communication, Productive Conflict™ and professional disagreement skills. She is the founder of the Stop The Drama! Campaign and author of the books Stop The Drama! The Ultimate Guide to Female Teams and The Ultimate Guide to Handling Every Disagreement Every Time. To work with her, have her present to your team, request a custom workshop or invite her to speak at your event, please call 302-307-3091 or email her at to discuss her availability.


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