7 Tips to Blow a Sale in 10 minutes or Less

A couple of weeks ago I attended a presentation with the specific intent of hiring the speaker. Ten minutes after walking into the room I knew I would never work with her, even though I have been looking for someone with her expertise for almost a year. If you want to blow a sure sale, remember to do the following:

  1. Title your presentation “How to...” Spend the whole time talking about how doing XYZ is too complicated to explain and how hiring you really is the only smart option.
  2. Make sure you give a really big, fake smile every time you insinuate the audience is dumb and when you complement yourself.
  3. Don’t have a plan for your presentation. Hand out a packet of forms and let people know they should ask questions so they can glean whatever is most useful to them from your vast knowledge base.
  4. When someone starts asking questions, let them know that their questions are too specific and likely not useful to the group. Tell them they should set up time to talk with you off-line.
  5. Badger audience members who haven’t asked any questions. Accuse them of wasting the opportunity and being unwilling to take ownership of their success.
  6. Ignore audience member’s attempts to connect with you in a meaningful way around common interests or ideas.
  7. Be intimidated by and avoid making eye contact with (except to give that fake smile) people. Glare at them when they network with other audience members after the event. Dodge having to talk with them yourself.

Bonus Tip – Absolutely under no circumstances should you follow up with attendees after the event.

Mid-week addition - If you say you will do something within two weeks, be as rude as possible when a (now former) client calls to inquire about the status on the evening of day 14. Loudly explain that weeks run Sunday to Saturday and that you still have two days left in the week. Don't send it in two days either.

Since good clients who have money to spend on your expertise are so easy to find, following these steps will ensure you only end up working with those who are willing to chase you down and respect your authority in all things.

As always, I wish you the MOST from your potential,

Doc Robyn

PS – In case you missed it, this piece is written tongue-in-cheek. Please don’t treat potential clients or anyone else this way!

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Dr. Robyn Odegaard (aka “Doc Robyn”) is internationally known motivational speaker, executive coach and corporate trainer. As CEO of Champion Performance Development, she works with executives, professionals, athletes, and coaches to help them achieve excellence in all aspects of life through active leadership, powerful teamwork, effective communication, Productive Conflict™ and professional disagreement skills. She is the founder of the Stop The Drama! Campaign and author of the books Stop The Drama! The Ultimate Guide to Female Teams and The Ultimate Guide to Handling Every Disagreement Every Time. To work with her one-on-one, have her present to your team, request a custom workshop or invite her to speak at your event, please call 302-307-3091 or email her at DocRobyn@ChampPerformance.com.

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